1/25 1937 Studebaker Bus Resin Kit

January 9, 2013
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One of our readers, Tom, sent me some pics of this Studebaker bus from 1937 as a 1/25 scale resin body. As Tom says, the kit includes the body, complete interior with seats and dash plus headlights and frame – but no window glass. The moulding looks pretty good – but that logo on the fron […]

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AMT’s Studebaker Avanti 1/25

October 21, 2011
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Although this kit isn’t the most modern one and the car isn’t the most “muscle-like” one, I sill thing it is kind of special – both as a kit and as car. For the junker fans: this car has a fiber glass body, so hold back your junk model car weathering here The body is […]

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