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Stock Cars photo shooting – 57 Chevy Black Widow and Fireball’s 56 Sunliner

February 2, 2014

by Iggy Perez


Those following our blog may remember that we’ve been working on these two stock cars some time ago. The reason why I didn’t hear anything more about them, is because I was busy putting a DVD tutorial on how we’ve built these cars. Anyhow, while finishing the DVD, I took some time to do a photo shooting of these models. I thought about sharing some of the pics that didn’t make it to the art work of our upcoming DVD.



I tried this new technique I saw somewhere: to make dust behind the wheels of the car. Actually, I saw this technique to make fire and smoke. It is pretty simple, all you have to do is to make some cotton dirty and put in place. That’s pretty much all. Although we don’t show this particular effect on the DVD, I though about trying it out with these cars. I should have put a figure inside the cars to give the pictures more “action”. To be honest, I don’t like figures in model cars… but maybe I should change that in the near future and experiment with figures. Another thing was that I didn’t have any cool figures at hand 😉



I like how the door damage looks on the Black Widow. We’ve also made some modifications in the chassis (rear and front axle) as well as the interior to match the actual stock car. Revell’s Black Widow is a great kit – but it still leaves some details up to the builder to finish by themselves with some scratch building involved.



Turning the AMT’s 56 Crown Victoria into a 56 Sunliner Race Car was a little more work and it involved more scratch building actually. We rebuilt the chassis to remove the moulded exhaust system, adding the exhausts from a stock car of that time. Besides, we had to find a practical way to do all those clinches on the canvas covering the interior of the car – it was all in all lots of fun!  We finally put together our first DVD tutorial, which includes over 2.5 hours of hands on video, subtitles and voice in three languages (English, German and Spanish) and shows how we built these scale models! If you want, you can check out our DVD here.

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