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1950 Chevy Pick up – Featured on Underhaulin

December 19, 2010

by Iggy Perez

I built this junk model car while writing our book, Underhaulin’ – How to make a junk model car. I made pictures of the building process for the book, in which the steps are explained too. Here are some details of the finished model car.
1950 Chevy Pickup Rust Fender

The front fender has rust holes behind the wheels. The rust holes have enough rust around them. The tires are half flat. The door handle is missing and the door shows the holes for the handle (see the upper right corner on the picture above).

1950 Chevy Pickup Engine Detail

The engine has no cylinder head. You may have seen this same thing on the 1940 Ford Coupe I built. I usually rust the engine block more than the rest of car. All parts exposed to high temperatures over a longer time tend to rust more. You may see on the picture above that the pick up has a missing headlight too.

1950 Chevy Pickup Junk Model Car Finished

The rear fender on the passenger side has a bump as well as lots of rust and rustholes, plus some rust bubbles. One of the tail lights is missing too. The chromed parts, such as the bumper, are rusted too. The entire body has different kinds of weathering and rust effects. One of the rear windows is missing too and the center glass has a hole. The kit came with stock steel rims, which make the junker look more real. The rims have more rust on the lower side. This junk model car was completely built out of the box.

Cliff November 11, 2012 at 4:48 am

You guys are great – because of your help I’ve added a new demention to my hobby.

Iggy November 11, 2012 at 9:41 am

Thanks Cliff!

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