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Meet two important guys, my son Alex and my friend Theo.

June 15, 2012

by Seb Perez

Last weekend we had great weather here in the Netherlands (an exception) and I thought it was a great day for visiting Theo, a good friend of mine who has fuel in his blood. So, we went there, talked about cars -among other things- and went for a few pictures here and there on Theo’s rides.

There you see my son, Alex, driving Theo’s Chevrolet and Theo’s tractor. You know, I don’t want to influence my son, he should find his own path… but I’m afraid by hanging around with a car crazy father like me and his friends, there is a always a chance that he ends up being a petrol head as we are as well. Time will tell. Keep following our blog for the next 17 year and you’l find out! :-)

About Theo. He has spent all his life with cars, specially Formula 3 cars. Now he restores vintage Formula 3 racing cars and offers racing preparation service and assistance for other enthusiasts. A great job, don’t you think?

He is full of surprises, as you’ll see on this pictures. He also restored a 1932 Chevrolet and completely built (back in 1992) the entire body in aluminum -from scratch-. This great car has a 6 cylinder engine, was imported from Denmark in 1966 and is since then part of Theo’s racing car collection.

Finally, you’ll see Theo’s actual Formula 3 project. He recently sold his own racing car and is now building his new car which is going to be much better than his last one (if that’s possible at all!). This project -as you can imagine- includes lots of scratch building as well… in real size of course!

Thank you Theo for the great day, thank you Alex for the ride!







marc sauerborn June 30, 2012 at 11:29 am

Hey guys, cool pictures! And thanks for the road signs!!

Max Slangen July 23, 2012 at 12:35 pm

I’m Dutch! Yeah, the weather was simply terrible, I heard. I was on holiday in Austria 2 weeks, and when we got back (couple of days ago) the wheater turned and now it’s great! Some Luck…
Anyway, love the Chevy!

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