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Argentina Road Trip – Road, Lanscapes and Road Signs

March 27, 2012

by Iggy Perez

For those who have not been following this post series, this is the third post about my Road Trip in Argentina. The previous posts where about a very cool Toy Museum and Junkers I’ve found long the way. If you haven’t seen them already, check them out!

The title picture was taken on road, getting closer to the Atlantic Ocean, where we sighted some sea wolfes. The road sign looks kind of funny, but the road was really that way after that hill.

Argentina Patagonia Road Trip - Road Sign

I made this other picture close to the title picture. This was in a National Park, where you could see some more ocean animals, such as sea wolfes, penguins and so on. The roads in the National Park were mostly gravel roads. I found this sign sort of funny at first. This signs is supposed to make driver aware of the difference between a paved road and a gravel road. Indeed, gravel roads can be tricky to drive – but I didn’t expect anybody to loose control of the car. To my surprise, just a little after the sign, we found a 4×4 Pickup that had rolled several times.

Argentina Patagonia Road Trip - Road

While crossing Patagonia from the Atlantic to the Andes, I got to see really cool landscapes. After driving for a while next to this kind of cliffs, the road made a turn and the landscape changed completely in just a second to what you see in this next pic.

Argentina Patagonia Road Trip - Road

And turned into an infinite landscape of small hills and mountains on the horizon. It is hard to express it in words – it was an awesome moment to experience. Just after a turn, things totally changed. I guess that’s what can happen also in life. You never know how it looks like after the next turn…

Argentina Patagonia Road Trip - Broken Bridge - 7 Lakes Road - Ruta de los 7 Lagos

Later on my road trip, I came across this cool old bridge. I crossed the river on a much newer bridge, luckily.

Argentina Patagonia Road Trip - Ship Wrack

By the way, I should have posted this picture with the other junkers. Anyway, better later than never. I found this ship wrack while driving along a lone road at the Atlantic Ocean.

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