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KIT REVIEW – Harley Davidson Police bike 1/8 by Revell (1227)

May 23, 2014

by Seb Perez

I always keep an eye on ebay and similar websites in search for model kit opportunities. This time I’ve found this pair of Harley Davidson model kits, together at a very good price.


A few months ago I finally had the opportunity to open the boxes where all my childhood scale models were stored for ages. Among the models, I’ve found a Nagano Honda GoldWing GL1000 1/8. I loved that kit. I remember it had lots of details, it was really fun to build. Back then my skills were limited and the model was just put together using super glue, ruining all chrome parts. Anyway, I remember it was a lot of fun building that bike, and what i loved the most was the scale of it. I hope this pair of kits bring me the same joy.


On the box I found a 1981 copyright mark, but the on the instructions I’ve found a 1969 copyright mark. This kit is not old, but vintage! The kits was made in West-Germany, reminding us that there were two Germanys on those days.

The box art is typical from the 80’s, a good example of what was considered modern at that time. It combines real bike, scale model pictures and 3 pics of related model kits.






Opening the box feels like traveling back in time. The “vintage” smell creates a nice atmosphere. Everything is still sealed. I have the pleasure to open this 34 year old kit!


This kit is quite simple. The more than 150 parts are OK but not as detailed as you would expect from a kit nowadays. I want to be fair with this kit, so I have to remind myself to look at it with 80’s eyes, and also don’t forget that this kit was probably developed in the mid 60’s.

Parts will need a lot of sanding. May be this one was an unlucky batch or the moulds were quite old after 12 years of producing this kit (from 1969 to 1981)



This kit was probable never built because the chrome parts are totally matt. I guess this was a bad batch. Because of that I might build this kit as a junker bike… what else?

There are enough chrome parts to make this a nice model.




The wheel spokes will need some sanding and improvement, which will finally damage the already matt chrome.


Finally a nice pair of tires, (still!) transparent pieces, decals and some cable for detailing.


Last but not least, the instructions are of course in english with a separate translation in german and dutch!! How cool is that!

The instructions are very clear adding a grey layer to the parts that already have been assembled and showing clearly in white the parts needed to be assembled in each step. I wish all the instructions were as good as this one! Things were just better back in the day!


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Tom Creeger June 5, 2014 at 4:05 pm

Well the old models may build better but those old shovel head engines tend to have a gear wine when they run. Still not a bad scooter and collectable but they new twin cams run far better and need alot less attention. Revell did an early soft tail classic with the evelotion engine back when that also builds into a reasonable model in 1/8 scale. I picked up Revell’s old LA street chopper in 1/8 that uses the Knuckle Head engine Harley used from 1936 to 1947. The soft tail classic model came with the optional new version springer which is similar to the 1947 unit. Plan is to convert the Chopper back to a street bike new the springer, gas tanks and stuff. The frames will have to be spliced together to better end up with a more stock frame. I ride a 2003 100 aniversery Soft Tail Deuce and have made Rolling thunder twice. I tried to paste you some ictures but it’s not happening?


Seb Perez June 6, 2014 at 8:03 am

Hi Tom, Thanks for all the info, good to know!

Phil Cox June 7, 2014 at 5:19 pm

I have this kit, and have looked through it. Yes, the chrome is a matte finish, but the chrome on those older Harleys were not that shiney. I really need to build this one.

Modeling is Meditation


Seb Perez June 9, 2014 at 5:25 pm

Hi Phil, good to know about the chrome.
By the way, I totally agree with about modeling = meditation. Most of my friends acquaintances see what I do and they think you should normally would go crazy from doing this. I always explain comparing modeling with meditation. I get so much peace from modeling, just like meditation (what I also do, by the way)
Take care,

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