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Kit Review – ’63 Chevy Nova Coupe SS 1/25 by Trumpeter

September 15, 2013

by Iggy Perez

What I like about this kit is the level of detail. It does include several different parts. For instance, the body trim is entirely moulded in separate chromed parts, well at least most the body trim (the trim around the windows is moulded into the body as usual). I didn’t have the chance to build this model yet, so I wonder how well the trim actually fits the body. As you may have seen, I wrote a review on a similar model, a convertible. Just like that one, this model seems to be too small for a 1/25. If you put it side by side with a 65 Mustang (like the convertible by Revell), the Chevy looks much smaller.


Above, you see a pic of the body, with the moulding to place the trim in. Notice the spot for the gas cap. If you are building a junker, you could drill a hole there and add some details, as if the gas cap was missing. Also notice that the door handle is moulded separately as well.


Above, you can see the instructions, showing the steps for the engine. This is a another example of how many different parts this model actually has. This adds a lot to the final result! Check out all the details on the engine, that are moulded as single parts!


You also get some clear parts. The main glas part comes with the inside of the roof moulded into the clear part. You will have to paint this matching the interior color to get a nice result. Also notice the springs for the front suspension and the photo etched parts for the hood hinges. That’s right, you can assemble fully working hood hinges.


As I said before, most of the trim is moulded in chromed parts. Also some other details such as the door handles, the windshield wipers, the rear light bezels and more! The chrome quality is really good.


Overall, the parts are very well moulded. As I said, I have a similar kit already, and both show a good quality in the moulding. Some things, however, don’t seem to be very well thought through. You see that while assembling the car. Many parts have to be test fitted and adjusted several times. And some other, don’t seem to work at all: for instance, the hood hinges. The springs won’t really hold the model’s weight.


  • Lots of parts
  • Many details


  • The car seems to be out of scale
  • The kit can be hard to assemble
Guillermo October 7, 2013 at 11:17 am

Siempre quise una review de este kit, lo compré hace casi 8 años y aun esta en su caja, esperandome a que me decida a volver al hobby, siempre me gustó el modelo, tambien existe una version convertible creo.
Espero fotos del armado paso a paso!!!

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