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From our Readers – Gerhard and Tom

May 25, 2013

by Iggy Perez

One of our readers, Gerhard, follows us from South Africa. He sent me a few lines some time ago, along with some pics of this build. It is a Ford 5 Window Coupe by Revell. As Gerhard explains, the car is built mostly out of the box, but with some modifications such as the chopped top and some other changes in the frame.

FromOurReaders_Gerhard_Ford32-5W_001Gerhard also explained that he used Tamiya Deck Tan for the paint job – the base color is a dull red. I really like that “dessert corps” look. The decals are from Dr. Cranky.

FromOurReaders_Tom_Diorama_000Tom, who has sent me a lot of pics before like that machinery junkyard, sent me these pics of a diorama he has built – his first one, as he says. It has some kind of “Metropolis” look (like that movie from the 20’s, in case you know it).

FromOurReaders_Tom_Diorama_002This diorama has some really cool features, such as all that hardware and that trailer! I can recognize the rear fins of a Cadillac El Dorado there!

FromOurReaders_Tom_Diorama_001Note the cracks on the floor! I really love these kind of details! In Tom’s own words, this is how he built the diorama: “The base is 12″ x 18″.The base and walls are all made from 3/8″thick foam board from a hobby supply store.I used the kind that has the white poster board attached to it for school projects.I stripped the paper off and sculpted the bricks and concrete base with some old discarded dental tools I picked up at a flea market.

FromOurReaders_Tom_Diorama_003One cool feature of this diorama is that the door can be placed anywhere. So you can change the scene a bit, for instance just to make pictures or in case you can to do a different set up. Tom continued his email explaining how he painted the walls, giving this scene a great realistic look: “The paint is all done with water based acrylics used in stenciling.The base brick color is made by Americana co.This  color is called terra cotta and the number is BA062.I added a little brown to some of that and randomly painted some bricks to add some color variation.I applied some thinned black wash and wiped it with a damp cloth.The mortar is done by sanding some childrens sidwalk chalk onto a paper and brushing into the crakks with brush.That is wiped carefully so as not to remove it all,allowed to dry then coated with a coat of Testors dull coat clear spray paint from a rattle can.


Thanks for sharing guys!


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