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From our Readers – Mark and John

February 26, 2013

by Iggy Perez

I really like this Model T. It reminds me of that old Model T pickup at my grandpa´s junkyard back in the day when my brother and I were kids. It looks like the AMT kit i recently reviewed. I can’t wait to build this as a junker too!  I like the way Mark made the terrain, it is very subtile – there is just enough from everything. I like this kind of models – some dioramas are  a bit overloaded. This looks just right. Love it!

This pic is also quite cool. The sepia filter gives the pic a very nostalgic look. Awesome! That International truck makes be curious… would like to see more of it!


John showed me this rat rod he has built. As he said himself: “The weathering was completed using techniques I learned from your regular emails.  The rust was made and applied as taught in your ebook “Rust”.” I’m glad you found our stuff useful, John. Stay tuned for more!

Note the wired engine and the engine has some weathering on it too! There are some very nice details. The chopped top gives this rat rod a mean look. Really sweet!

Paul Montagnon March 11, 2013 at 12:16 pm

Hi guys, Really would like to know more about that International truck too. The first real truck I ever drove was a 57 class 2 International oil truck. The part of your picture that blew me away was the Borden’s milk truck. there was one in my driveway almost every day, when I was a kid. Great job on the old Tee model. Thanks Montag

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