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From our Readers – Hal

November 23, 2012

by Iggy Perez

A while ago, Hal sent me some pics of his work. I was quite impressed about how diverse his models are! The title pic is a Ford Woody he built – he calls it Grannies Ride.

That isn’t the only woody he has built. The one above has quite some serious scratch building, as well as the one on the title pic. He actually uses real wood to build it. In his own words: “That is the beauty of this passion it is totally a creative venture with NO manual.” He also adds: “The biggest challenge that was next was doing all replica wood replacement inside and out.That meant a lot of surgery to create a skeleton body and then cut to fit all the pieces.Needless to say 2 things are the same.Such items such as the dash had to be modified to accommodate the “new” interior dimensions as well as the interior panels and seats.” By the way, he won an award for creative automotive concept.

But woodies isn’t the only thing Hal has been building. These dioramas show that he has much more to offer than just cars. I was really impressed about the “wet” feeling of the Jurassic Park diorama. The airplane diorama looks pretty cool too!



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