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From our readers – Rob and Claudio

October 9, 2012

by Iggy Perez

This time, I want to show the work of two of our readers. The first one is Rob. He wrote me a while ago, showing me his 70 Dodge Challenger. A real junker! I must say I was totally impressed with his work.

On the pic above, you can see that Rob really put attention to detail. Not only is the rear window trashed, but also there are glas sherds in the interior. The antenna is broken and the paint is faded out.

The paint job is great! And so is the weathering. But when you stop looking at the car and check out the small diorama he made, you can see that Rob went far with his work. The ground looks really accurate and such details like the bricks below the car give the whole scene great realism.

Awesome work!

I also would like to show you Claudio’s garage diorama. This is quite a popular topic among most of us. The garage is the place where many dreams come true and were barn finds and junkers turn into real gems.

Claudio put some attention to what is outside the garage in his diorama. He placed a junker on the yard next to it. Woodies are surely a great subject for junkers. I’ve never done one, I must admit. Claudio put attention to damage a the wood a bit – you can see that the rear door has one wood piece missing and the whole thing is weathered. But while weathering woodies, we shouldn’t forget that the early cars (like this one) had real wood and that later rides only had a woodie look but no real woodwork (this was very popular in the 80s, specially). So make sure you find out what kind of woodie you are working on.


Claudio October 12, 2012 at 6:04 pm

thank you very much for your comments, I have other models in preparción,
I liked the 57 chevy and dodge 70 is super
Claudio m

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