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57 Chevy Black Widow – Fuel Lines, Chasis and Interior

June 23, 2012

by Iggy Perez

Revell did a great job on this kit, but once you get started, you can see that there is so much more you can do while building the 57 Black Widow Stock Car.

On the last post, I’ve shown you some home made details for the Fireball Robert’s Fairlane engine. I used the same details in the 57 Chevy, but I wasn’t really satisfied with just that. I just couldn’t help finishing the fuel lines and other details on the fuel injection. I used a very soft and thin wire, you may know it as silver wire.

From this perspective, you can see the fuel line coming into the fuel pump from the rear of the car, and the line coming out, going up to the injection system.

I though I was done, but while looking at some pics from fuel injected 57 Chevrolet engines, I saw this detail that I couldn’t leave out. The air cleaner is supported by a stripe of sheet metal or something like that. So I took a piece of aluminum sheet and glued it in place.

As for the chasis, it ain’t done yet, but here you can see the most importan details already. The kit comes with conventional exhaust pipes. The real stock car had the pipes, without muffler, coming out right behind the door. I scratched built the pipes to add that detail as well. My brother, Seb, added the same detail on the Fireball Robert’s Sunliner.

As for the interior, there isn’t much to add here, but I took care of some special details. For starters, the stock car has only one seat back rest. Besides, the driver seat has some sort of side rest, which I scratch built. Finally, the roll bar is covered with some rubber foam. I made that detail using real rubber foam, I just cut a thin stripe and rolled it on the roll bar.

Stay tuned for more!

Roger Wachal June 29, 2012 at 10:52 pm


I like your web site alot,I’m still in stone age when it come to posting in photos ,I keep asking my wife or my oldest daughter for help .
I just opened the your latest email,and I look forward in reading all about the 1957 black widow.
I ‘m going to make mine as a OHIO State police car sence all of the one’s I’ve seen are 150 sedan’s.
I got the OHIO state decals off of eviel bay with a bunch of other police and fire decals .

Iggy July 16, 2012 at 6:25 pm

Hello Roger,

how’s the OHIO Police car going? Feel free to send me pics via email!

Thanks for your comment,


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