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From our Readers – Robert and Roland

June 19, 2012

by Iggy Perez


Robert sent me an email not so long ago, asking if I had a hint on how to make a vinyl top. I wrote back, saying that he should try the good old masking tape trick. So he did, and I must say, he did it great!

He first shared this pic with me via email, and I was already impressed about the immaculate paint job – wow! That Ford Wimbledon White looks just amazing! I agree with you, Robert, it is a great color.

Robert used a 2″ roll of masking tape, which turned great as it is precisely the size he needed for the center piece. The side pieces are cut to fit. Note that the center piece overlaps the side pieces, just as it is supposed to be. Great attention to detail!

Here is the rear view. And you may already notice that he placed a fender skirt on this side to test the over all appearance. As he says, the fender skirts look great on this car, as well as the Kelsey Hayes 8-lug wheels. I couldn’t help him with that decision, I’m not sure myself what looks better. In any case, this is really a great build!

After my Kit Review on the Lindberg 23 Ford T Pickup, Roland sent me his own result on that same kit. I had to share this with you. You may remember that I wasn’t very happy with that kit – and this is the proof of how much you can do with a poor kit, a parts box and some creativity. Take a while to go through that engine above. All cables and fittings are there and very well placed. Really cool!

As Roland explained, there is a lot of kit bashing involved. The belt, carburators and valve covers come form his part box, as well as the fuel pump – just to make a few things.

I liked a lot the rear view on this build. You can see the clean work he made on this right there on the rear axle! But don’t miss the photo etched rear view mirror nor the steering wheel.

Here’s a detail on the interior. You can see the black flocking on the floor, as well as the suitable gas pedal for such a ride. The dashboard looks just great!

The bed had some special attention too. Besides the correct wiring for the battery and the fittings for the fuel lines on the kit bashed tank, he also made a new floor piece using some ribbed styrene (from Evergreen). Of course, with these great details, there is no need to use the bed cover that comes with the kit. He also used a piece of plain styrene to cover gas filler slot on the side of the bad.

Fair enough: Roland got the 1st price at Downeastcon on 3/12/11 in the Custom car category. Congratulations for the well deserved price!


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