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Kit Review – Dodge LT 700 & Ford 40 Coupe

June 10, 2012

by Iggy Perez

I bought this kit for my brother as a Christmas present last year. To be honest, I didn’t know what to expect, but the kit wasn’t really expensive anyway – 23 USD is just a little more than a single car kit and we are talking about a truck, a semi and a car here.

The body is nicely shaped. Surely, you will have to clean some seams here and there, but all in all, it was a nice quality. One cool detail: it comes with opening doors. About the tires: you get all you need, but no extras for the Ford. This means, no drag tires or something like that.

The chromed parts are quite of, but the quality may be just below your expectations in some places. For instance, the Ford 40 grille has some kind of  crums below the plating. I wonder if this was just a problem with my kit – sometimes, production problems may appear in just a few kits. The truck bumper loos just fine – so that’s a good one. Besides, you get a few chromed parts for the truck, just a horns and lights.

I really like that the headlights, as well as any other lights, are moulded in clear. Some other kits come with chromed headlights (including the glass) – which doesn’t really look good. The door windows are pretty cool too, plus they aren’t too thick. This makes a big difference in kits with opening doors. If the window glass is too thick, you immediately see it when the door is open and it doesn’t look very realistic if the glass is as thick as the door itself – I think you get my point here.

To close the post, some words on the Ford 40. I am pretty sure that this is the exact same kit as AMT also produced. I’ve built the AMT one as my first junker actually (a looong time ago). The Ford doesn’t  come with too many details, but for a complete kit that comes for free (judging the price) with a truck, I wouldn’t complain much. For those who are wondering: the car isn’t junked out of the box, so you will have to do your weathering yourself. Our book, Underhaulin, may come in handy for the basics in how to make a junk model car.


  • You get a lot of stuff for the money
  • The truck has opening doors
  • Lots of clear parts


  • The Ford 40 isn’t junked out of the box – although the box art suggest so
  • Some of the chromed parts aren’t ok – but not all of them
  • A few more parts, such as optionals for the car, would have been nice.


marc sauerborn June 10, 2012 at 5:18 pm

Looks like quite a cool kit anyway! Does the Dodge L700 have an engine? Knowing you guys, I presume this will involve a bit of weathering? :-)

Iggy June 10, 2012 at 6:19 pm

Hello Marc,

my bad! I didn’t say much about the Engine. It is quite ok – it comes with a heavy duty V8 engine. The details are just ok – as in any average kit. And yes, nicely weathered, it can look really neat 😉


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