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Kit Review – Lindberg Ford Model T Pickup

June 5, 2012

by Iggy Perez

I bought this kit pretty much blind from a catalogue. There wasn’t much information there other than it was a Model T pickup and in scale 1/24. The reason I wanted a Model T Pickup was because of the one Model T in my Grandpa’s junkyard. I loved that little truck (there is a picture of that T in an early post here)

Well, I must say that this kit didn’t get me too exited. But it can be a good buy, depending on how much you pay for it (preferably as little as possible)

The chromed parts are all right. In fact, you get a lot of chromed parts and depending on what you do out of this car, you may not use them all, so you have some kit bashing potential for later. The quality isn’t that great, though. You notice this on the hubcaps. They look like as if somebody would have been randomly hammering on them. If you want to make a cool ride, you will have to sand those cabs to get an even surface and then re-chrome them with alcad or bare metal foil. Alternatively, you could also paint them aluminum, as seen in some old school salt lake racers.

This is the first time I get all the parts in one picture and I can still recognize them. If you are into lots of parts a many details, this kit is definitely not for you. The parts are moulded ok, but they are just a few. I know, a real Model T doesn’t have so many parts either. But still, the engine is quite simple for a “show off hot rod engine”. And maybe some options, like an original Model T engine together with original wheels and so on would have been nice. I mean, the box feels empty when you open it. One thing I liked: the chassis is quite well done.

The box top claims you can build this in one of three ways, and they are: street, street drag and drag. While going through the instructions, all three options look the same to me.

This kit is even so simple, that I can’t do a pros and cons list on this one. All I can say is: if you get it cheap (or as a present), keep it. Otherwise, I don’t see this kit being worth the same as any regular kit. If you want a Model T, check out AMTs 1925 Model T Ford Kit, which can really be built in (different!) ways, including a hot rod pick up similar to this one.



Thomas Blender (california) June 5, 2012 at 6:33 pm

Hi Iggy, cool review! thanks for sharing! Love your posts!

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