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From our Readers – Yannick, Vincent and John

May 22, 2012

by Iggy Perez

On the title pic you can see Yannick’s Ford 32 Rat Rod. As Yannick explained me, he started with a Revell kit, but did a lot of kit bashing and scratch building himself.

To make the ride real low, he scratch built the chasis. Note the details in the engine: the cables and the exhaust pipe going around to exit on the side. These are great details! The rear tires are from a Camaro 3 in 1 Kit and the fron tires from a Ford Galaxy. He had to fit the rims with the tires – as usual when kit bashing.

The fuel tank is a beer keg, which he built using air intakes from a fantasy rod kit. The tank has an actual hole so the gas pump nozzle fits in. By the way, the Gas Pump behind was built by Yannick using our Book “Gas Pump – Building a Gas Pump model from scratch”.

Here you can see the details in the interior. Note the tip of the exhaust pipe. All in all, a great ride! I like a lot the color he used for the body. The whole build has this great “rat rod attitude”.

Vincent sent me these pics form a garage diorama he has built. The whole scene looks really cool and the guys working on that 1955 Chevrolet Cameo Pick up give the diorama some life! On the second pic you can see an engine half appart plus some details in the background. Really cool!


To finish this post, I would like to share two more pics I got from John the other day. I’ve shown you his store front diorama on the last post from our readers. Well, he had promised to send me a picture of the entire store front and a detail of his signature on the sidewalk. Thanks John for the pics!

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