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57 Chevrolet 150 – Black Widow Project – Building Tips, Facts and Questions

April 15, 2012

by Iggy Perez

I wrote a kit review about this Revell model some time ago. I really liked the kit right from the start. So, when my brother and discussed about our next project, an instruction DVD tutorial, I suggested to build this car in the racer stock car version. By the way, we will be filming this work from April 24th on, Stay tuned for updates here at the blog!

Building Tips

I wanted to use some time and prepare the kit before we start the main filming session.

I keep my opinion on the kit – it is really a great kit. But as you may know, when you start to build the kit, you see some details better. The body has some really nice moulded details – no question about that. Still, this kit, as almost any, needs some clean up. On the title pic you can see a mould seam crossing the trunk lid.

57 Chevy Black Widow Project

Pay attention to the front too! The mould seams around the headlights are hard to oversee. Since I was at it, I had a closer look around the body and found more mould seams on the roof, starting at the a-pillar and on the rear quarter, starting at the base of the c-pillar. Never paint a body without doing this work. You may also want to look closer at the parts – the rear axle has a pretty thick moulding seam, as well as the exhaust pipes (as usual).

57 Chevy Black Widow Project

I’ve cleaned the chromed engine parts. As I want to build a realistic looking stock car from the 50s, chromed engine parts aren’t really useful. Painting on the chrome is tricky, as the paint slips on the chrome. Besides, the chrome plus the paint on top can hide many details.

A few facts and many questions

To get ready for this project, I’m taking some time for research. I already told you that this car was actually a utility sedan – used by salesmen and handymen. Now, for the racers, I’m missing many facts.

I know that the Black Widow stock cars had only one seat’s back rest – the driver’s – to save some weight. Besides, the backrest was slightly modified – as far I could find out. It had a sort of side rest, probably to avoid the driver to slip over to the passenger’s side on a turn.

Furthermore, if you look at the pictures from the old days, you will see that these stock cars had a sort of rope to hold the trunk lid and the hood. I’ve seen many pics of the engine – all pretty much the same as the normal fuel injected 57 chevrolet engine.

Appart from that, I don’t really know if the inside door panels where the same as in the 150 Sedan. I also wonder if the chassis was somehow special.

So if you have any pics or facts on this car, please let me know.


Tony Turnbull April 15, 2012 at 11:34 pm

Great update…thank you for the oilcan labels…I will have to get these printed and buy some soup!!
For details on the Black Widow 150 race cars check out the Rany Ayers’ Nascar Model forum under the Darkside Racers corner (here’s the link: )
There is a search function to the sight (search Black Widow or Chevy 150 or something like that!) and you should find what you need. There are some folks that grew up in the sport and were there or worked in the sport…great group of folks.
I must say that I enjoy your emails. Good luck deciding on the Granada…I’d say keep it as is. It’s a classic! If I could afford to, I’d buy it and ship it to Canada! I’ve never seen one like that here. We had a Granada available but it was not like that…it was rather ugly!! 😉
Take care! Tony

Tony Turnbull April 15, 2012 at 11:50 pm
Iggy April 16, 2012 at 6:45 pm

Hey Tony,

thank you very much for the comments and the useful hints!! I’m happy you like our work and again thanks for supporting us!


Robert Gillmeister July 2, 2012 at 11:23 pm

Hi Iggy And Seb The 1957 Chevy model 150 is a hard car to locate in the full-sized edition. Like your work on the engine. The model comes with the factory Fuelie parts on the engine? I finished a 1957 Belair model a few months ago. Guess I was trying to copy a black ’57 that was restored at our shop before I started working there. The “jet” black looks classy on these cars. Not every car can carry the black color well. Hope progress continues well for you. Robert

mike kieper August 19, 2012 at 1:35 am

Hi Iggy and Seb i love the 57 chev, i used to drive stock cars back then but we could not run fuelies and no glass except windshields and we didnt even have fuel cells, scary thought huh? keep up the great work. Mike

Iggy August 22, 2012 at 6:41 pm

Hey Mike,

thanks for the comment! Racers back then had a lot of courage. While building these stock cars, I can’t help thinking of how racing must have been. And what about the convertible division? They did have a roll bar, but still…

Stay tuned for more. I will be posting some advances soon.


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