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Argentina Road Trip – Cool Rides

April 10, 2012

by Iggy Perez

Sharing these pics with you is like making the road trip once more. Every time I look for pics to add into this post series, all those awesome road trip feelings come back to me. Every mile or kilometer was a discovery. In this post, I want to show you some of the coolest rides I saw during my road trip.

The title picture shows a Chevy Nova, in Argentina simply known as “Chevy Coupe”, is one of the most popular cars there, together with a Dodge coupe, know as Dodge GTX, from that time and the IKA Torino I told you about in the “junkers post” of my road trip.

RoadTrip Argentina Cool Rides Chevy Nova

I saw this other Chevy in one of my first stops on the road trip. I just needed some gas and was looking for a station to fill up the tank and have a little break. And there it was. A Chevy Nova in great condition. This car has been restored by one of the guys working at the gas station. Lucky man, he gets to use this car to go to work!

RoadTrip Argentina Cool Rides Chevy Nova

The Chevy Nova has many fans in Argentina. Manufacturers did the same as in th US: “win (races) on sundays, sell on mondays”. The Chevy was one of those successful race cars in the Argentinean race tracks – competing with the IKA Torino, Ford Falcon and Dodge GTX. Chevy Fans would say, this pic above is the only look you get at the Chevy on the road 😉

RoadTrip Argentina Cool Rides Chevy Nova Fairlane 500

By the way, that Chevy wasn’t alone. This other car, a Fairlane 500, was traveling along with the Chevy. Judging the condition of the cars, I guess they were enjoying a nice classic sunday ride. This Fairlane wasn’t very popular on the race track, but it was loved as a high end family car – only available as a four door body with lots of place in the trunk and that “sofa cruiser feeling”.

RoadTrip Argentina Cool Rides Ford Coupe Custom

While visiting my grandmother, I met also my father who coordinated his dates to meet me there. Anyhow, while hanging out at grandma`s place, he mentioned that an friend from elementary school days was putting together a hot rod and asked if I wanted to have a look at it – what a question! So we hop into the car to disturb this man’s noon sleep, and went to the local garage to have a look at his ride.

RoadTrip Argentina Cool Rides Ford Coupe Custom

The engine, a Ford V8, came out of a Ford F-100 truck, a truck farmers there always loved and used. He even started it for me to hear the sound of that awesome machine! Really sweet!

RoadTrip Argentina Cool Rides Ford Coupe Custom

The car has custom made fiber rear fenders and some other details. In fact, the car is built on a Chevy Nova frame. The owner explained me, that in Argentina, the Chevy Nova had the best handling back in the day – way better than the Ford Falcon, which was the popular mid-size Ford around there. The yellow hose you see hanging there is just a provisory fuel line to test the engine and see if it works before finishing all the details.

I know that the guys there don’t have as much assortment of muscle car parts, neither at the shop nor at the junkyard, as in the US. So I was very impressed how much they can do with so little. But I guess you guys how things are: these engine heads always find a way to get their rides running, no matter how, no matter where 😉

Thom Ardoin May 20, 2014 at 2:11 am

As an owner of a 1971 Chevy Nova myself I was excited to see the two nice Novas pictured here. Hopefully mine will look as good as these two very soon.

Thom in Texas

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