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3 cool antiques I picked lately – radio, television and typewriter

March 22, 2012

by Seb Perez

As might have already realized this blog is not only about model cars but about all stuff we are passionate about, and yes model cars and dioramas are somehow the epicenter of this passion but if have been following us for a while now you must have realized that it does not end there.

Well, picking old stuff and collecting antiques is also our passion. We would like to do more with antiques but we have a little problem that we can not solve: days have only 24 hours!

Anyway, what I wanted to show you now are this cool antiques I collected lately.


GRUNDIG RADIO – TYPE W – from 15 june 1950

This is a cool radio with a cool story to tell. This radio was for many years the radio of good friend of mine, Theo, here in The Netherlands. He had it for decades in his car shop, were he used to work mostly on racing cars.

The other day I went to visit him with a broken exhaust pipe. He not only kindly helped me weld the pipe, but also gave me this old radio as a present. By the way, the radio still works perfectly! Thank you Theo!

What’s also cool about this old radio is that inside you find a stamp with the exact date when it was made: 15 june 1950

The phone is a siemens from the 80’s. I picked it from the street in Germany. It’s nothing special but I love it for 2 reasons. First, we used to have the same phone when were children. Second, this phone was a phone of the University where I studied (Aachen in Germany). They were modernizing an old building and they threw it in the container! I could not leave it there!

About the clock, I bought it a few years ago on a flea market. It’s old, you see it because of the construction, the quality od the components but there is no brand or model to be found on it.






I bought this TV a few weeks ago for a project that I have in mind. I actually have to rip the interior out to make this project I have in mind (I’ll be posting about it later) but the TV is in such a great shape that I decided to keep it as a collector piece. The TV works fine, only one valve needs to be replaced.

The design of this TV is great! I can imagine that people back then were so fascinated by the design of this television set as we are today with the design of Apple’s computers, iPads, iPhones, etc. Notice that the conceptual idea is the same! Rounded corners, minimalistic design, only a few buttons at the bottom and two more on the side. That’s it. Less is more!

What I love most in this Television set and the radio is the fact that they are made out wood! The lack of the television is still as shiny as the day it came out of the factory!






Last but not least, this great Remington typewriter from 1924. I found this one on the street in Germany many years ago. The same as the phone. The machine was in it’s original box and it still works perfectly.

When I see something like this lying around on the street I just can not leave it there! I MUST take it home with me!


Do you also love antiques? Which antiques do you have? Tell us below, on the comments!

John March 22, 2012 at 2:52 pm

Hi seb, cool stuff there! I have an old BOSCH refrigerator, probably from the 50’s. It needs restoration, but it looks cool anyway.

Seb March 24, 2012 at 9:08 am

Those are also beautiful! I would love to have one of those as well!!

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