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Modeljunkyard on ScaleAuto Magazine

January 2, 2012

by Iggy Perez

I got the latest issue of ScaleAuto Magazine the other day! Three of our books have been presented in their “New Products Section”. Thank you very much for this kind of support!! We really appreciate it.

This issue comes with some interesting projects, by the way. The one I liked the most is a kitbash, converting a 67 Mustang Fastback into a Hardtop Mustang using a 64 Mustang kit as a roof donor – awesome project! Plus the follow up from the previous issue on Smokey Yunick’s Chevelle. Las but no least, the title story is pretty good too!

Scale Auto Magazine

The products featured are:

  • Underhaulin – How to make a junk model car. This book includes all the basics on how to make a junk model car, with practical weathering tipps and tricks. Get it here.
  • Gas Pump – Making a gas pump model from sracth. With this book you can learn all you need to know to start a scratch building project, including how to make 3D Shapes with simple styrene sheets and much more. Includes Blueprints in different scales. Get it here.
  • Old Barn – Making a barn scale model from scratch. All you need to start an OLD BARN building for a diorama, including a part list, blueprints in different scales and assembly instructions! Get it here.

Thanks for the support!


Richard Sorensen January 16, 2012 at 5:53 am

Hi Iggy & Seb, Came across a couple of web sits of photo’s that be of interest to all the junkyard followers. and Haven’t built any thing yet will but hope to soon. Keep up the good work.

Seb January 16, 2012 at 10:33 am

Hi Richard, thanks for sharing the links! very interesting & cool stuff!

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