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New Gas Station Project – Based on the OLD BARN [PART 2]

December 23, 2011

by Iggy Perez


I’ve been working on the “mod” on the OLD BARN to make a Gas Station. I hope you remember my last post. Above, you can see a test fit. The main structure is already glued together, the side structure too (however, the aren’t glued together).

Gas Station from the Old Barn - Using the Plans

I printed out the blue prints (included with the OLD BARN book) and used them to put the structure together. After cutting and numbering all the parts, I just had to place them on the blueprints and glue them together.

Gas Station from the Old Barn - Plan Modifications

To modify the OLD BARN into a Gas Station, I first had to figure out what I exactly needed to do. Obviously, one thing was to extend the roof of the side structure. As I first said, the side structure is going to be the shop. I first drew the longer rafters and made a draft of the columns where the Gas Pumps will be placed. Note that the rafters have a corner to rest on the columns.

Gas Station from the Old Barn - Parts Modifications

After measuring the rafters from the modified blue prints, I cut the small corner. Note that I held the rafters together to make them identical. I also adjusted the length of the rafters so they are all exactly the same length.

After finishing this project, we will post the modifications in detail on the customer area. I’m really exited about this project. I can already see the weathered OLD BARN Gas Station! I can imagine some weathered junk car next to it or maybe a barn find model car in the main building, which is going to be a dusty garage full of parts and tools.

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