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Kit Review: Ford C-600 Tilt Cab by AMT

December 17, 2011

by Iggy Perez

I’ve ordered this kit some weeks ago. I was actually thinking of buying a Dodge truck, but then I changed my mind and I’m really happy this Ford by AMT! As you can see above, the box is done in “retro look”, which makes the good old days come up again. It gives you the feeling as if you had bought a “historic kit” or something like that.

Ford c-600 Tilta Cab Body

The kit is generally very well moulded. The details are really sharp and clear. Check out the Ford emblem, for instance – or how about the screws on those covers above the headlights. It is up you, though, to make sure that those small details don’t get covered in super thick paint coats. You could mask the emblem – there is liquid latex that you can apply the same as paint. After finishing the body, you can take out the latex making and carefully paint the emblem with less paint. Just an idea.


Ford c-600 Tilta Cab Engine Parts

The engine is a really big V8. I placed a “normal” V8 next to it, so you can see the difference. The enigine parts are also very well moulded. The kit comes with several extra parts, such as a push broom, some drums and a big wooden packaging to name a few – all stuff you could place in a construction diorama as suggested on the box art – or any other kind, such as a junkyard diorama.

Ford c-600 Tilta Cab Decals

The decals are really cool! There are many things to choose from. You can use them to make the truck a construciton truck, a “landscaping company truck” and even a nuclear waste transportation. I think I’ll use those drums for oil next to my latest gas station project!  Anyway, I hope none of you is planing to do landscaping with nuclear waste…

Ford c-600 Tilta Cab Clear Parts

I love those clear part sets with tons of red and yellow lights!! I’ve seen them in other AMT kits and they are great for kit bashing, making rat rods, hot rods and of course, for trucks too! You can keep the extra lights to make a tow truck with a pick up or so. By the way, the headlights are clear parts too, which I like rather than chromed headlights.

I can imagine building this truck with some crashed cars piled up on the back. The stake sides are by the way removable. So you can build the truck with the stake sides and take them out if you change your mind. Anyhow, you may want to build the stake sides with wood, instead of using the wooden textured plastic delivered with the model.


  • Very well moulded
  • Many extra parts. Some useful for dioramas, other for kit bashing
  • All kind of horns, extra roof lights among the usual chromed parts and an optional air conditioning to “decorate” the roof


  • The intrsuctions are also “old school”. One big sheet instead of a booklet.
I paid about 30 USD for this kit and I think it is a fair price.



steve December 18, 2011 at 11:18 am

That’s a great kit! Thanks for the review guys!

yannick December 22, 2011 at 3:39 am

I have this kit too,still unbuild in the box but i’ve also baught it
because of the many features such as the oildrums and the cool
decals perfect for a diorama as i also build the gaspump in 1/24 scale.
(I will send you the pictures from the pump soon via e-mail.)
I have also the dodge L 700 (for those who are interested in building this kit,
it’s very well moulded and you can make a cool junkyardmodel out of it,instructions
are not so clear but still it’s a great model).


Seb January 5, 2012 at 6:52 pm

Hi Yannick, thanks for your feedback and the info about the Dodge L700. Iggy will be posting a review of that kit soon. I’m curious about your projects, please send us a few pics to info (at) modeljunkyard (dot) com

Robin Williams January 15, 2012 at 7:04 pm

Hi. Right now im building the same cabover ford model that you reviewed here, i was hopeing that you could send me a picture of your finished model. im building mine as a replica of the bin truck my father has on the farm, complete with the rust and everything. I realy like your site, Iv been building models since i was 10 and now days i never build them just like on the box, my fav type is rusty trucks. thanks for the insperation.

Seb January 21, 2012 at 3:24 pm

Hi Robin, we’ll keep you posted on this one. My brother Iggy will build that truck and I know he we’ll be sharing the process and the finished project on the blog.

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