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Kit Review – 1940 Ford Pick up by Revell Monogram

November 27, 2011

by Iggy Perez

Some weeks ago, I was walking around a flea market close to where I live. I never expect to find scale models, because there aren’t many people doing this in this area. So when I saw this kit in that stand, my day was done :) Since the kit is in a very good condition (and pretty much complete), I thought about sharing this with you in a kit review. Although the kit I bough is old, there was a re issue by Revell not so long ago, so it is still available.


1940 Ford Pick up by Monogram - Body

As you can see above, the kit comes with opening doors. However, the hinges are kind of funny. Although the hinges did came out of the body in the real Pick up (as in the model), they weren’t that big. So, for those willing go make an extra mile, this could be a place with start with. Anyhow, if you aren’t that experienced and prefere to leave the hinges the way they are, they aren’t that bad after all.

This kit is a mild customized pick up. So the hood has some air vents moulded on it – and they look pretty cool. By the way, the hood comes with hinges too. In general, the body is pretty well moulded.

1940 Ford Pick up by Monogram - Parts

The other parts are pretty cool too. I like the bed door specially. The bed also comes with some “wooden” parts for the sides – I would replace the pastic parts with real wooden parts – it shouldn’t be hard to deal with. Some of you may want to make the bed floor out of real wood too. All I can say about that is, that you should carefully choose the kind of wood you want to work with. Make sure that the textures fit with the scale.

1940 Ford Pick up by Monogram - Chromed Parts

Here’s where I have some parts missing. It seems the previous owner made some kit bahsing here and took out the rims. I hope you don’t mind these missing parts. Too bad about the rims anyway, the ones coming with the kit are really cool! As for the rest, the chromed parts are pretty neat. There are even some chromed tools (see the right side of the parts tree). The door handles are chromed as well, and they look just right (some kits have chromed handles that look somehow too big). The cylinder heads are chromed too and they look very cool!

1940 Ford Pick up by Monogram - Clear Parts

The clear parts include an unusual part. The side windows are moulded in clear. Great idea! I wonder why they never include them. However, the moulded clear parts may look too thick, specially if you glue the window half open, then you can see how thick the “glass” is in the model – and it looks just too chunky. So, although it is a cool detail, you may want to make half open side windows with some clear packaging instead. As for the rest, there isn’t much to say. You have all you need in there – except for the taillights. No red clear parts in this kit – bummer.

1940 Ford Pick up by Monogram - Instructions

The instructions are just fine – but not really charming. Anyway, I think anybody can understand what to do and that’s all you want to have. This kit also includes flame decals (as applied on the model pictured on the box).


  • Opening doors
  • Cool custom look
  • Well moulded
  • Some extra parts, like tools (can be used in a diorama)


  • Just one engine (a custom ride should give you also the chance to pick your options)
  • One set of tires / rims
  • No red clear parts
I can imagine this kit would look really great in our Gas Station diorama… or maybe as a beater in our Old Barn Diorama… too many ideas… to little time :)




junkster November 27, 2011 at 4:01 pm

nice truck i think you should make it a beater but it’s up to you iggy

Iggy December 4, 2011 at 4:18 pm

Hey Junkster,

well, I guess it’ll be some time until I can put my hands on this kit. I’m building an old gas station based on the OLD BARN Book right now… so have to finish that first.


Larry Foster December 4, 2011 at 3:40 am

Just finished building the 40 Ford Pickup. Made some modifications; scratchbuilt the rearend, suspension and exhaust, made side boards and bed from real wood, built the engine from partsbox findings, tires and wheels out of the partsbox, wired and plumbed engine and compartment, added a hood scoop and eliminated the louvers.

Iggy December 4, 2011 at 4:17 pm

Hey Larry,

that sounds really cool!!


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