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AMT’s Studebaker Avanti 1/25

October 21, 2011

by Iggy Perez

Although this kit isn’t the most modern one and the car isn’t the most “muscle-like” one, I sill thing it is kind of special – both as a kit and as car. For the junker fans: this car has a fiber glass body, so hold back your junk model car weathering here :)

The body is pretty well moulded, it sure has those usual imperfections (lines on the border of the roof and so on), but that is nothing that you guys can’t deal with. Just some gentle sanding here and there. Even the moulded avanti emblems behind the front wheels are readable – but probably not anymore after panting, so you may want to mask them and carefully paint them with black for the background and the letters in white or silver.

I know that you have seen that already. Woohoo! It has opening/closing doors. I know, that feature isn’t really necessary – after all, most of the builders don’t actually “play” with the models, but build them and display them. So what’s all the fuzz with the opening/closing doors anyway. Well, for starters, it shows that the guys at kit company took care of including some more details – and we all love details. And speaking about details, you can better show off your work in the interior of the car if you can open the doors. So yes, opening doors are cool!

The cassis makes a good imrpession too. Some moulded bolts, and no “on chasis moulded” exhaust or rear axles. I hate it when they mould stuff like that together with the chassis as one piece… there, I finally said it! In general, the front axle parts are pretty good moulded too, including springs (no real ones, just plastic ones), shocks and so on.

The chromed parts are fine. As you can see, you have many options to choose from when it comes to rims and wheel covers. You can also choose between two different sets of headlights (square and round ones). Appart from that, you also have the bezels for the tail lights. Which leads me to the transparent parts: the taillights are moulded in red clear plastic: not a hard thing to do, but I know we all truly appreciate these kind of “small things”, or I guess you also do.


To sum up:


  • The kit contains lots of custom options (different set of tires, bumpers, rims and wheel covers,  two sets of headlights, etc)
  • Pretty well moulded for an old kit. Maybe some modern ones are even better (i.e. Revell Special Editions), but I will give this oldie the positive point
  • Opening doors


  • The instructions feel like a CD booklet (i.e. pretty small)
  • Not so many parts (although when you first look at the kit, you don’t really have the impression that it needs more…)

I’m glad I have this kit!



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