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64 Mustang Convertible Tripplet Project & some building tips

July 10, 2011

by Iggy Perez


So, I’ve started this projet yesterday. It is about building three “almost” identical Mustangs. This project is based on the 64 1/2 Mustang Kit from Revell Monogram (I wrote a review on this kit a while ago).

While building this kit, I realized some things that you may want to pay attention to. Generally, so much I like this kit, I must point out that the parts fit pretty bad – specially the body parts. On the pic above, you see on the right the hood with no extra work and on the left, the properly fit hood. Note how the border of the hood doesn’t fit the border of the headlight housing on the right.

The trick is simple, just take a curved file tool and finish the contour to match the headlight housing. Now, make sure not to apply too much pressure – in fact, just don’t apply any pressure at all. Do this rather step by step – just a few times up and down, have a second look and go on if needed.

Another part to place special attention to, is the border  of the passenger door, where it meets the interior side of the door. Make sure to fit the “interior tub” before checking that out. One more thing to pay attention to is the area above the arm rest of the rear passenger seats. The side panel shows a “pit” – make sure to fill that with putty and sand it down to a nice even surface.

As I said, I’m building this same kit three times at once – and these imperfections are definitely in all three kits.

I’ve also been experimenting with acrylic paint for a while now. I used to paint with enamel only before, but as you may know, enamel will be forbidden in some countries around the world from the next year on. I found out that acrylic paint definitely has some advantages over the usual enamel paint. One of them, is that is easier to wash, for instance if you get some on your hands or so – and it is less toxic (is also water soluble by the way). It is a bit of pain with the airbrush, though – but there are also several acrylic colors on a spray can and they work pretty well.

Below, you will see my latest weathering effect experiment with acrylic paint (cracked paint and sun burned color).


Csaba November 21, 2012 at 9:19 pm

Hey Iggy,
So what happened to the 3 Mustangs since that article about beginning building them?
What differences did you make?
Regards, Csaba

Seb December 4, 2012 at 11:22 pm

Hi Csaba, the project is long finished, please check this link for more:

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