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Mack R685ST AMT 1/25 Kit Review

June 11, 2011

by Iggy Perez

This is a nice AMT Kit, with a few extras but no big surprises. I tried to figure out which year this truck could be, but Mack manufactured pretty much the same R685ST for several years (at least mid seventies to mid eighties) – so I couldn’t find out the year this truck is supposed to be. But I can show what this kit is about in this post – which is what I am here for 😉

Mack R685ST AMT More Chrome Parts

The body looks pretty neat and it is very well moulded. The holes help to fit the numerous parts to the cabin. It also has marked holes on the top of the cabin that only need to be opened from the inside – this is of great help to apply the extra lights on the roof. The nose tilts to let you see the engine, which is a nice piece of scale modeling, by the way. In general, all the mechanic parts of this truck are just beautiful. The drive train, the suspension and the frame are very well moulded and have lots of details!

Mack R685ST AMT Instructions

The instructions are made as two very large pieces of paper – which I don’t find very handy. The steps are pretty well ordered, though. The legends and arrows help you understand where everything belongs to. But the references aren’t very clear – specially when it comes to the colors. This is the kind of instructions you need to figure out the color codes first and note them on the steps or have some piece of paper at hand as a reference, to avoid turning around the big sheet all the time to find that color reference table again. Other instructions show you the colors directly on the steps, no codes or numbers are needed – why not writing the assembly instructions always like this?

Mack R685ST AMT Glass Parts

The transparent plastic parts are pretty cool and have all what you would expect for a truck. Not only you have clear head lights, but many amber and red clear parts! These are specially good for the roof of the truck.

Mack R685ST AMT More Chrome Parts

You will also find enough chromed parts in the box. The Mack emblems for the front and the sides are very well moulded and give the truck a great finish. The kit also includes the chromed bull dog for the radiator cap as well as two extra chromed dogs – these figures look just great and can be used with no further clean up work. The front grill looks fine, but it is a pitty that they made it massive. I would take the extra time to make grill see-through by sanding the back with a file tool or a dremel – can be tricky, though, since the bars are pretty thin.Alternatively, you could cut the middle out, leaving only the frame, and rebuild the bars with some evergreen plastic and bare metal foil.

Mack R685ST AMT Chrome Parts

The bumper looks like a mirror, as well as all the other chromed parts. The rims look great as well. So do the side mirrors and the chromed horns for the roof.


  • Around 250 parts!!
  • Great looking and well moulded chromed parts
  • Highly detailed engine, suspension, transmission and frame
  • Lots of colored clear parts


  • The instructions aren’t really handy and have coded color references instead of the color names
  • More decals could have been cool

Conclusion: this kit isn’t full of very special surprises, but what is inside the box is just great! I wish all kits would be done like this.

I thought about making a rusty, mean looking big rig wrecker with rusty front protectors and lots of dirt on it. I would need to custom build the wrecker back. I also thought of using the engine, clutch, gear box and one of the differentials to custom build a tractor together with some thin sheet metal. Maybe I would have had to buy this kit twice or buy a lot on ebay with the extra parts I need for both projects.

Buy the way, there was a “junkyard dog” edition of this truck by AMT. I never got to see that kit. So if someone ever got it, drop me a line or leave a comment. I would like to know what was special about that kit.

Everett June 12, 2011 at 7:36 am

Hi, on the sheet that’s tell you how too build it, what i do is take it too my local printer, and print off the back side, then i take a clothes line or fishing line, string across the top of my table, then i take clothes pins and pin it all up, the 4 big sheets, no more flipping over too see the paint codes and its all right in front me too see the step’s too, Everett.

Seb June 12, 2011 at 8:56 am

Hi Everett! That’s a cool idea!

Iggy June 12, 2011 at 1:01 pm

I totally agree! Great idea, thanks for sharing!

Mike Akai July 5, 2011 at 10:37 pm

Hey Iggy & Seb, I sure hope that you don’t mistake the weathering of the Mack Truck, as so many builders do!
Time after Time I see builbers make the Front end of the Mack Truck Bent and Rusted, the Nose or Front End is Fiberglass, which doesn’t bend or rust, it Cracks off and sone rust may fall upon it , but it doesn’t rust through, it cracks and leaves very fine peices of fiber sticking out, I use a throw away brusk, cut very fine and drop the shavings onto the fresh paint.
I’ve seen Corvette’s with tons of Rust on them.
So please, I know that you both know this right?
Mike, sorry about the Game stuff, you just happen to be on my Favorite List, please just disreguard.

Iggy July 6, 2011 at 6:46 pm

Hey Mike!!

as always, I’m happy to see your comments in our blog. I can understand what you mean – I’ve also seen many rusted through Corvettes as junk model cars. It is always good to do some homework before starting a junk model car.

Thanks for commenting on this Mack. I think many readers may have known about Corvettes, but maybe not everybody knew that a Mack has a fiber glass front.

I guess one rusty detail on fiberglass bodies can be rusty stains flowing down from the appliances, such as screws, headlights, hinges, handles and so on.



Dingo November 5, 2011 at 2:50 am

Hey Iggy, I built the Mack some time ago but I did itr as a late friend of mine owned the truck along with its trailer a short 20 footer to carry rolls of steel I hope soon to get two more so I can do the Convoy rig and the second one wll be used to build an old torn-up rig with many years of use BUT don’t expect to see them for atleast 12 months as they R big projects for me.

Wolfy. D August 2, 2012 at 12:41 am

Hey i found a few of the AMT Mack “Junkyard dog” models on ebay. I took some looks at the photos provided by the seller and it apparently comes pre-dented, the parts are molded in orange, and comes with a chain.

On a related note you mentioned you wanted to make a wrecker with this rig, i also found some wrecker kits on ebay under the same search.

Link to Mack “Junkyard Dog”

Link to wrecker

Iggy August 3, 2012 at 5:53 am

Hey Wolfy,

thanks for the links and for the details on the junkyard dog kit!


Paul Montagnon September 2, 2012 at 2:22 am

Hi , a guy I worked with years ago had a 1:1 59 Ford. He had an engine mount break and tried Super Glue to fix it. Guess how well that worked ??? NOT. Thanks for the E’s. Montag

Iggy September 3, 2012 at 8:03 am

Well… I guess you just *can’t* use superglue for everything… 😉

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