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One of my favorite books ever: Diamonds In The Rust

May 7, 2011

by Seb Perez

In order to understand this story you have to travel back in time and space. Do you remember the 80s? Without internet the world was huge. Finding like minded people or hobby related items was not that easy. Specially if your hobby is that strange as junkyard art.

I’ll never forget the day I found this book. I was in Buenos Aires visiting the national classic car meeting when I found this book at a stand “Diamonds In The Rust – American Junkyard Jewels” by Pat and Larry Kytola . I had to buy it but I had not enough money with me. I was around 14 years old back then. I had no credit card so I had to leave the show, go back home, get more money from my savings, and come back to the show to buy the book.

The problem was they wouldn’t let me back in. They said I had to pay the ticket again. I thought: “no way”. I had just enough money to buy the book and I was not going to pay a ticket for a second time, even if also had the money. It was just ridiculous.

So I had to find a way to sneak into the complex without being caught. I just wanted to buy the book and get out. I went around the perimeter of the trade fair complex. At some point I found a huge tree with long branches reaching into the complex. I climbed and jumped to the other side. I finally got to the stand and, luckily, the book was still there.

Since we have internet we have no more that “urgency” to buy something. We know we can still always order whatever we want whenever we want from wherever place around the globe. But back then, in Argentina, it was almost impossible to find junk car related stuff. So it was that feeling of “now or never”.

I finally got the book. I moved many times around the world. Each time I would pack my clothes, music and some personal stuff including that book. The book is now quite damaged. This is one of this items you know it was worth buying. It gave me lots of inspiration for other junkyard art ideas and while moving around the world I could enjoy that book remembering the good old times at grandpa’s junkyard.


federico rosales January 15, 2012 at 5:31 pm

I remember that day, and this story with little variations for my side. I remember too the price, over $70, very expensive for our 14 years. But the seller gave you a discount.

Seb January 15, 2012 at 6:33 pm

Do you remember that story? Great!! I had forgotten about the price. Copado loco!

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