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56 Ford Fairlane Crown Victoria 1/25 from AMT

February 11, 2011

by Iggy Perez

The Ford Fairlane Crown Victoria surely is a charming car. You know by now that this car means something to us at Modeljunkyard. My brother wrote about his real 55 Vicky some time ago.  Now it is time to check out the kit.

56 Ford Fairlane Crown Victoria AMT Body

This kit is one of AMT’s finest, in my opinion. It has very well moulded detailes and many custom parts. The body is very well shaped and reproduces the look and feel of the real car. The interior comes, as usual, as a separate “tub”. This isn’t very bad – however, for those building a junker, this may mean extra work. For example, cutting the floor of the interior part, filling the moldings of the chasis part and making rust holes through the floor – but well, if you are doing something special, you will have to go through the extra work!

56 Ford Fairlane Crown Victoria AMT Doors with hinges

The working doors are a great feature of this kit! The hinges are very well molded, so you won’t need much extra work on top. There is one thing about it, though. The doors are just too thick. Maybe not too much, but still a little too thick. This is usual in “tub” interiors with opening doors Depending on how much you are into kit customizing, you may want to make the interior part of the door a bit thinner and fit it to the rest of the kit interior. For those making a junk model car out it (like me), you may want to make the inside of the door with no door pannel (like I did for this ebook on how to make doors open and close) and once you are at it, you can correct the door thickness.

56 Ford Fairlane Crown Victoria AMT Kit Chromed Parts

Customizing is one this kit’s strengths! The kit features several front grilles and other parts such as custom rims, custom taillights and much more! You can put the typical CrownVictoria chromed body trim over the top – or leave it out – as this is a special chromed part and is not moded on the car’s body!

56 Ford Fairlane Crown Victoria AMT Kit Chromed Parts II

These are the other chromed parts. As you can see, there is enough to work with and the quality isn’t very bad either.

56 Ford Fairlane Crown Victoria AMT Glass top

This kit also comes with the special glass top – a special feature back then in the 50’s. Putting the glass top takes only a careful cut – as the roof is properly marked from the inside, so you know exactly where to cut. The front lights are clear parts too (instead of chromed ones, which doesn’t look very realistic). Here you can also see that you have two different set of tail lights to choose from – another great detail, red clear parts instead of chromed tail lights to be painted in red.  The vent windows are sperate parts too – which makes sense, as the doors open. The front and rear windows are single parts as well – this is a nice detail too. I don’t really like kits with a big single clear plastic part for the front and rear glass because it makes the interior (insid of the roof) look pretty much like a toy.

To sum up…


  • Over 170 parts
  • Many custom options (Stock, Street Machine and Drag Racer) with many optional parts such as rims, bucket seats, special tires and much more!
  • Working doors!
  • Many Chromed parts, specially the Crown Victoria trim
  • Glass top
  • Special junker feature: plain steel rims. Not every kit has them and they make the car look much better as a junker


  • The doors seem to be too thick
  • The instructions are not too handy, as they are one big single piece of paper

This kit definitely counts to one of my favorites! Great work by AMT.

Jim Gibbons February 11, 2011 at 4:17 pm

This is a great kit. I remember building my first one in the early 70’s, and have probably built at least five more over the years. Time to build anouther one!

Mike Akai February 13, 2011 at 10:52 pm

I also agree that this is a really good Kit, a person can go many different ways with it, from a clean 56 Ford to a Race Car, Drag Car, to one of your great looking Rusted out cars, all of which, I myself enjoy looking at your Workmanship.
I have a 1/16 Scale 1941 Ford Stake Truck, that I’m thinking about you and your Brother doing a number on it.
So when I do decide to send it to you, you’d better make some room, in your work shop, t will really give you two a challange.

Mike Akai

Robin February 14, 2011 at 10:41 pm

I won a AMT 56′ Crown Vic in an auction a few days ago for almost nothing. The model is already built as factory stock with the skyliner roof, tough it looks alittle rough. It’s gonna be my first experience at that particular model and it will offcourse be reworked to junk state ^^

Chris February 24, 2011 at 5:03 pm

Hey Iggy,

I wanted to ask, do you and your brother do those 1:18 scale junkyard jems, or jewels? I’ve seen them on the net and Ebay

Iggy February 24, 2011 at 8:44 pm


not really. We thought about selling built models on demand, actually. But we haven’t offered this on public yet.

Thanks for the comment!


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